Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Program

The globally recognized and CPD-accredited Facilitator Program enables HSE professionals to create profound business improving results by avoiding future accidents, incidents, and service quality issues due to Human Error!
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Empowering You to Reach Your Goals!

The Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator will improve internal communication, send more people home safely, and create significant cost savings. The facilitator will thus be able to understand their organisation in a new light and gain the exact knowledge on how to make employees act accordingly and to greatly improve the safety culture. All making the organisation stand out in future tender processes.

Based on Cutting-Edge Research

The Facilitator Certification Program is built on the latest research that highlights the impact of Human Error on the plateauing frequency of incidents (the plateau of harm), and the potential for significant improvement. Findings have shown that with strategic and tactical measures improvements are both easily implemented and dovetailed with already existing policies and procedures within the organisation."

An Abundant and Vibrant Community

The Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Certification training is all about securing fast and long-term results by reducing accidents, incidents, and service quality issues​.By completion of the HSE Mental Focus Certification Program, HSE professionals have, together with current education, a broad base of knowledge. The missing link to implementing this knowledge and to break the plateau is the structure with which the knowledge should be implemented. The Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Certification Program provides this structure through a unique community with other high profile HSE executives, implementable tactics based upon the newest research, communication strategies, and continuous coaching.

Customised for the Unique Needs of Each Individual

The Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Training is, moreover, tailored individually for every organisation to support the journey and address the issues that are presenting themselves in specific areas of the business. Therefore, we have an ongoing design process for the program to make sure that you have exactly what you need to take the organisation from the current situation to the desired outcome.

Start your  learning journey today! 

Our platform offers effective learning for HSE professionals to improve in the areas that matter most: sending workers home safely, securing management support, reducing costs, and personal and professional growth.

The Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Program's initial phase features engaging videos and self-reflection exercises with personal feedback, all aimed at advancing your HSE skills. Accessible from any device, this module is estimated to take 20-25 hours, with a recommended completion time of 2-3 months. After finishing, the Facilitator will gain new insights into their organization and have the knowledge to drive a positive safety culture, giving their organization a competitive edge in future tender processes.

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What our Facilitators say about us

I'm simply thrilled to be a part of the Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Program!

This program has truly made a positive impact on my life and I am eager to spread the word and share my enthusiasm with other great HSE professionals. The learning experience has been amazing and I feel better equipped to tackle the HSE challenges in my organization. I am confident that the skills I've acquired will enable me to create proactive training systems and measurements that will drive real, meaningful change in my organization.

The program's focus on data and results is exactly what I was looking for, and I am excited to see the positive impact it will have on both my organization and its employees!

Being part of this program has also allowed me to connect with some amazing HSE professionals, and I've loved sharing ideas and bouncing ideas back and forth. I'm beyond excited to see where this journey will take us!

Thank you so much! The Executive Neuroscience Safety Facilitator Program has been a game-changer for me. Listen like you have never listened before… Just one of the things I’ve learnt so far. The personalized feedback on each of my assignments has been a real motivator and has stick with my process.

Changing employee safety habits can be a real challenge, but thanks to this program, I now have a deeper understanding of how to deal with it on an everyday basis, how processes work in the brain and how to utilise this knowledge, what a habit is and how it develops and - in general - I’ve just got so many new tools to improve safety! I'm confident that I can use this knowledge to help my employees adopt better safety habits with ease. 

And the results are already starting to show! Our company recently received praise from one of our clients for our exceptional approach to safety, and I'm so proud to be a part of that. 

Participation in this program has been a highlight for me as I have been able to connect with some incredible HSE professionals and engage in productive discussions and idea sharing. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take us!

My aim has always been to minimize incidents. I've learned that when work is done safely and properly, it often results in higher quality work. Having good relationships with workers and managers makes this task even more effective, and I see this reflected in the program.

In my opinion, the key to success lies in creating a shared mental focus and goal among employees. If everyone understands the reasoning behind prioritizing safety, it becomes a personal responsibility rather than just a company requirement. This leads to a safer workplace, fewer incidents, better quality work, and cost efficiency. Improved cooperation and resource utilization are also achieved when everyone is working towards the same goal. Thank you for helping me realize this important objective!



The Certification training is divided into 2 different elements. 

The first part of the training consists of videos and reflections to further develop knowledge grounded in the HSE Mental Focus Training.The time duration of this part of the program is set to take between 10-20 hours depending on the comprehension rate. There is no deadline, but we recommend that the first module is finalised within 2-3 months. During and after completion of this first module the Neuroscience Safety Facilitator will be the focal point for all the other individuals in the organisation undertaking the HSE Mental Focus Specialist Certification. 

The second element is about one hour per month of live coaching, or more if requested. All to secure fast results by reducing accidents, incidents, and service quality issues, which will result in significant cost savings for the organisation and bring more respect and engagement to the great HSE work of the organisation. ​The ongoing design process is to ensure continuous development as we wish to support HSE professionals on their whole journey and to make sure that they have exactly what they need, to take the organisation from the current situation to the desired outcome.


Continuous improvements of the organisation's loop learning 

Act on lessons learnt by understanding and analysing how to take action while effectively utilising communication strategy to positively impact HSE culture.


High-Impacting HSE Cultural Application​

How to deliver High Impacting HSE Cultural changes using this model:

  • Story ​
  • Strategy ​
  • Tactics​
  • Social proof

Executing this model will demonstrate a larger engagement toward HSE.


Dovetailing Neuroscience Safety into existing policies and procedures

Focus towards how we can make the science easily understood and dovetail it into already existing, tried, and tested policies and procedures. 


Perfect Plan of Neuroscience Safety Execution​ 

Designing the best plan for implementation ​Small steps vs The Big Bang ​


Process Facilitation

  • Neuroscience Safety Overview ​
  • Crystallized and Fluid Intelligence​
  • Cognitive Training
  • 5 Factors to Mental High Performance
Moving on to the 2nd part of the program

Continuous Development


Neuroscience Circle of Execution Network​

  • Join HSE professionals who have stepped into the Neuroscience Circle of Execution
  • Learn from their experience and speed up your own journey
  • Neuroscience Safety Live​
  • Case studies​
  • Live Q&A


Company-Based Design Process​

Making sure that the program is tailored to YOU and YOUR needs. As we go along your personal feedback will let us analyse your situation and target what needs to be done in order to let you gain the success you deserve!


Coaching and Support

  • Achieve actionable goals to improve​ results delivered
  • Grow and develop your Neuroscience Safety Facilitation
  • Creating strategies to maintain the continuous improvements

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